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Airstel Airborne Disinfectant

Airstel Airborne Disinfectant

Formerly known as Airgene, Airstel is an aerosol product for professional use. It is designed for the rapid decontamination of inaccessible surfaces and to reduce cross infection in high risk environments.

It does not contain flammable gases in its formulation and therefore can be used in places where other products cannot be applied such as aeroplanes, high-risk zones, chemical industry applications, operating rooms and ambulances.

The exclusive design of Airstel, with its total discharge valve, allows for the dispersing of contents in a single application. This achieves a double effect: massive decontamination of microorganisms and the quick and effective elimination of unpleasant odours. The product fulfils two objectives simultaneously: environmental and surface disinfection.


•Operating theatres and examination rooms


•White rooms

•Veterinary clinics


•Meeting rooms

•Bathrooms, kitchens and lavatories


•Aeroplanes, buses, trains and boat cabins

•Dining Halls


•Retirement homes


•Silos communities

•Cold-storage rooms

•Air conditioning systems

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