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Revolutionary Every now and then someone comes along to completely rethink the design of a product and people are left thinking; “how did we ever live without this?” The Tiki Positive Pressure Respirator is the world’s first breath responsive, positive pressure full face respirator with a disposable mask. It offers high protection against bacteria, air born particles and specific air born pandemic outbreaks. The Tiki respirator is a revolution in respiratory protection. Ergonomically designed for long lasting comfort; this is a serious piece of equipment made for serious conditions. You’ll never want to go back to dragging around your old respirator.

Does disposable mean that I can only use it once? Of course not. But you can should you need to. For example if the mask gets scratched or if you’ve been in an environment with dangerous particles you can dispose of it and grab a new one.  A replacement mask retails at a fraction of the cost of other masks on the market. So who is it for? Anyone who may ever be exposed to harmful airborne particles or bacteria.

Tradespeople such as wood or metal workers
Demolition crews and dangerous substance removal
Police, Fire and other emergency response workers
Pharmaceutical and laboratory staff
Army and emergency response equipment for citizens in distress
Anyone in preparation for a pandemic outbreak

Complete protection

The Tiki offers complete respiratory protection

In order to offer complete protection a mask must retain positive pressure. This is either through the use of a blower or a heavy oxygen tank. If your mask doesn’t keep positive pressure, every breath you take exposes you to harmful particles.

Positive pressure a little bit better than most The Tiki respirator is breath responsive. Meaning that when you are breathing at a normal rate the blower remains constant; but if you increase your breathing rate due to physical exertion the blower will jump into action and push more air through the mask in order to retain positive pressure. You can be put at ease, knowing both your battery and filter life is extended under these conditions. In addition, your eyes are protected from drying.

Powerful LED work lights

Another world first? Not only is the Tiki respirator incredibly lightweight, breath responsive and comfortable; it also features two powerful but energy efficient LED lights to illuminate your work view. Switch them on with a push of a button when they’re needed.

Unparalleled line of sight

Groundbreaking field of view Most other PAPR aren’t just heavy and uncomfortable; they also have a hose or filter in front of your mouth or cheeks. Because of the Tiki respirators clever design, we have completely eliminated the need for this. The only thing at the bottom of the mask is a small one way valve to let spent air escape.

Clever design Instead of having the filter in front of your mouth, we’ve placed both the motor and filter at the top of the mask. This allows filtered air to flow down through the mask and escape out a small valve; keeping the flow of air through the mask and preventing fogging

Extra long battery life

Energy efficient The Tiki PAPR has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. After all, the longer the battery life, the longer you can breathe easy. Breathe responsive One of the features we are most proud of is the breathe responsiveness of the blower; designed to work with you – not against you. This is developed through a combination of a sensitive pressure sensor, a responsive blower and clever programming. This means your respirator will only ever use as much or as little energy as required – prolonging the life of your battery.

Effective blower In order to deliver a small blower unit with an even longer lasting battery time, we had to completely rethink the design and inner workings of the impeller. Working tirelessly with stringent testing of both impeller design and high grade motors, we have successfully designed a state of the art, energy efficient motor and impeller design. Low energy LED work lights We spared no detail in making the Tiki; even the LED work lights were designed to give the most effective amount of light vs watts. While very efficient on energy usage your worklight is powerful enough to illuminate any workspace for productive activity.

Long storage life

Amazing Li-Pol batteries One of the most important features of the Tiki is practical, long term storage for emergency situations. Due to the long lasting, powerful and environmentally friendly Li-Pol batteries in the Tiki; the units can be stored for several years and only lose very little charge during this time. This means that the Tiki is ready when you need it.

Emergencies can happen anywhere Life is unpredictable; sometimes creating scary, life threatening situations we have no control over. You can’t prepare for everything that life throws at you, but you can prepare yourself and your loved ones for even the worst scenarios. The Tiki is affordable and small enough for anyone to store in case the worst should happen. It doesn’t matter if you live in Syria or Sweden; it’s right to be ready.

You will wonder how you ever lived without a Tiki

Claustrophobic It’s cool in the room, but in your cover-alls you’re hot. Your movement’s restricted, your goggles are fogging, your breathing is heavy, the room feels as though it’s getting smaller but you know you can’t take your mask off. The goggles are now entirely fogged, you can’t see anything and you feel like you can’t get enough air. Panic sets in. This is an all too common feeling when wearing the disposable respiratory protection available on the market today. How can people work like this? It’s not the way it should be. And it’s no longer the way it has to be. Try a Tiki and see the difference for yourself.

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