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Caterpillar Boots At Wholesale Prices

caterpillar safety boots

Caterpillar boots arer popular because they are safe

Caterpillar safety boots frequently feature in top ten safety boots reviews.

There’s a reason for this. They’re stylish and comfortable but hard wearing and practical too, with specialist insoles and moisture wicking linings. Two of the range stocked by Aston Pharma, the Caterpillar Diagnostic and Caterpillar Pneumatic designs, have leather waterproof outers, which adds to their appeal.

They are well-padded and insulated for long term comfort and warmth with toe guards and anti-static, slip resistant soles that are also heat resistant to 300°C. Both the Pneumatic and the Diagnostic designs have stainless steel midsoles.

The Pneumatic is in a hiking boot style, while the Diagnostic is a heavier industrial boot with a steel toecap in addition to the midsole and several other added features for comfort.

Aston Pharma also offers two other examples from the Caterpillar safety boots and safety trainers ranges available in the UK.

The honey-coloured Holton 6in safety boot has welted construction and improved flexibility thanks to the bendable inner sole, which also has anti-bacterial properties. The Holton has a moisture wicking lining, padded collar and tongue, plus the same anti-static heat resistant soles as the Diagnostic and Pneumatic safety boots.

The Moor safety trainer looks just like the athletic trainers favoured by many people for their wicking abilities and comfort, but in addition to being comfortable, it also has cemented construction, and a compound outer sole which has anti static properties and is heat resistant to 300°C.

So why should companies buy Caterpillar safety boots for their staff? Why should employees, if given a choice, insist on Caterpillar safety boots? Simple - they are chosen by many construction workers for their superior durability and comfort plus often, their waterproof qualities too. Caterpillar have a name for making breathable boots, which is a plus point for those who have to wear them all day, every day. Some reviews say that these boots can be slipped on and off without undoing the laces, which may or may not be a selling point, depending on your views.

They are certainly generally judged to be comfortable, well insulated and provide greater protection for the price than many rival brands.

The outers can withstand 3-4 inches of water, and the boots need no break in period either. That’s a rarity for any boot, never mind safety boots.

So, if you see Caterpillar safety boots on sale, you know you’ll be getting a great deal for your money.

Here at Aston Pharma we offer Caterpillar safety boots at wholesale prices, making it cheaper than ever to buy good quality footwear.

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