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Featured Products

Select Black Latex Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGT002
  • Select Black Latex Powder Free Gloves
  • £48.00
UNIGLOVES Nitrile Glove ''Black Pearl''
  • Ref: APGP003
  • UNIGLOVES Nitrile Glove ''Black Pearl''
  • £35.00
Select Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGT003
  • Select Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
  • £40.00
Select Black Latex Powder Free Extended Cuff Gloves
  • Ref: APGT001
  • Select Black Latex Powder Free Extended Cuff Gloves
  • £55.00
Vitality Mint (Latex) Dental Gloves
  • Ref: APGD001
  • Vitality Mint (Latex) Dental Gloves
  • £43.00
Vitality (Latex) Dental Gloves
  • Ref: APGD0021
  • Vitality (Latex) Dental Gloves
  • £42.00
ProTect Nitrile Mechanics Glove
  • Ref: APGA002
  • ProTect Nitrile Mechanics Glove
  • £38.29
ProTect Latex Mechanics Glove
  • Ref: APGA001
  • ProTect Latex Mechanics Glove
  • £42.00
Commercial Latex Mechanics Gloves
  • Ref: APGA003
  • Commercial Latex Mechanics Gloves
  • £37.00
Unicare Soft Unitrile Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGS005
  • Unicare Soft Unitrile Powder Free Gloves
  • £25.00
Vitality Nitrile Dental Gloves
  • Ref: APGD003
  • Vitality Nitrile Dental Gloves
  • £41.00
Unicare Soft Stretch Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGU007
  • Unicare Soft Stretch Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
  • £25.00
Kooltouch (Nitrile) Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGM004
  • Kooltouch (Nitrile) Powder Free Gloves
  • £44.00
Stronghold (Nitrile) Powder Free Gloves
  • Ref: APGM006
  • Stronghold (Nitrile) Powder Free Gloves
  • £58.00
UNIGLOVES Nitrile Glove ''Pink Pearl''
  • Ref: APGP005
  • UNIGLOVES Nitrile Glove ''Pink Pearl''
  • £37.00

Welcome to Aston Pharma - Your Safety Equipment Suppliers

We offer a large range of quality products for the Healthcare, Biotechnology and Veterinary industries (Disposable overalls & coveralls, 3M face mask, boiler suits ,disposable gloves ,nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves). With a thorough understanding of our customers needs we aim to excel in every aspect of what we do.

Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers
Aston– specialise in personal protective equipment (PPE) and we are the industry’s leading PPE suppliers. We offer the largest selection of personal protective equipment available to buy online. Our huge range covers ppe gloves, Latex, Nitrile and Vinlyl gloves, safety footwear, protective clothing, hearing and eye protection, protective equipment, first aid kits, safety goggles, ppe work wear plus much more which can be found on our website at affordable prices.

Our personal protective equipment prices are amongst the cheapest online and we offer fast UK delivery. Choosing the right suppliers of PPE, workplace equipment is really important to both your business and to the safety of your employees so getting it right the first time is paramount. Save both time and money by buying online direct from us at, one of the UKs leading PPE suppliers.

3m Face Mask
The 3m face mask is designed to give you protection from potentially harmful fumes and chemicals within industrial environments. It’s important to ensure that you can breathe clearly and safely whilst working and the 3m face mask guarantees complete protection for the lungs and chest. Protect yourself today with one of our trusted 3m face masks.

Boiler Suits
Disposable boiler suits are commonly required in industrial environments, giving protection from spills and fluids which could stain clothing and skin. Boiler suits provide comfortable, safe work wear which can be washed and re-used for your convenience. We also have a range of disposable boiler suits available, which will keep you clean and protected whilst you work.

Disposable Coveralls
Disposable coveralls and overalls are a great way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene whilst working in medical environments. Disposable coveralls provide protection from fluids and substances, whilst keeping your clothes clean at the same time. 100% hygienic, they are ideal for people working within medical practices or veterinary surgeries. We have a range of disposable coveralls and overalls available, which will protect your clothing whilst you work.

Latex Gloves
Latex gloves are a great way to prevent the spread of bacteria in medical and laboratory work spaces. We provide only the best latex disposable gloves, which will protect your hands and stop the spread of germs in the workplace. Protect your hands and keep your working environment clean with one of our trusted brands of latex gloves.

Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile gloves give complete protection from harmful chemicals which can burn and irritate the skin on your hands. Our range of disposable nitrile gloves are strong, durable and are guaranteed to keep your hands safe from chemicals which you may come into contact with at work. Protect your hands and keep your workplace safe with one of our trusted brands of nitrile gloves.

Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl gloves are ideal for stopping the spread of germs and keeping your hands clean whilst you work. Vinyl gloves provide complete protection for your hands and help promote cleanliness within the workplace. Protect your hands from potential germs and keep your workplace clean with one of our trusted brands of disposable vinyl gloves.

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