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Ladies & Mens Steel Toe Cap Boots For Work

Protect Your Feet With The Best Steel Toe Capped Boots

Steel toe cap boots are a staple of construction sites and manual work the world over for men and Ladies..

Warehousemen and women couldn't perform their roles safely without them. Delivery drivers and parcel couriers also tend to be seen in them, as they are generally recommended for anyone requiring safety boots for work.

Anyone, male or female, wandering around on an active construction site is expected to don full PPE. On most sites that means a Hi visability vest or jacket, a hard hat, gloves, earplugs and a pair of steel toe capped boots.

Even the office staff on the bigger sites must have a pair of steel toe cap boots. It's a good thing that ladies’ steel toe cap boots are available these days. They're not even that expensive either, with prices starting from about £20.

Stockists range from High Street stores to specialist internet retailers like us here at Aston Pharma so it's not that difficult to find a pair of steel toe cap boots if work duties require.

 Many firms will buy or contribute to a better quality pair if asked. For self employed construction staff their PPE should be tax-deductible, as it is required safety wear for work.

But steel toe capped boots are not only useful for construction jobs. They are also worn by furniture removal teams, IT engineers and warehouse workers in all types of role.

Of course there are those who will wear steel toe cap boots as a fashion statement. They aren't all that comfortable but it is a look that can be pulled off with the right design and colour of boots.

 Big names such as Dr Martens and Timberland make what they call 'safety boots' and that definitely makes steel toe cap boots a fashion item.

They may not be exactly cheap, but they should last. DMs are known to be nearly indestructible and Timberlands are rugged too.

So, apart from the size, what is the difference between ladies' steel toe cap boots and their male counterparts? Ladies' boots are sometimes lighter, for starters. They are also usually made to reflect the often shorter, narrower feet which women have.

 Of course ladies can wear men’s steel toe cap boots, but they generally have to go down at least one size to find the right fit.

Steel toe cap boots are the best choice if you need puncture protection or if you work with heavy equipment. They are the old perennial favourite for work boots worldwide, and will probably continue to last for a good while yet.

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