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What is The Cost of PPE Boots?

why wear safety ppe boots

What is the cost of quality safety boots?

PPE Safety boots are a regular sight these days as part of many workers’ uniforms. They can look just like regular hiking boots or combats, but that’s because they are made by many of the same companies.

Are Safety Boots PPE?

For anyone who is wondering, yes, safety boots are definitely PPE. In fact, they are an essential part of anyone’s personal protective clothing. The chances are that if a worker requires any PPE in their employment, safety boots, gloves, a helmet and a hi-viz jacket will be the things they are required to have at a minimum.

What Do Safety Boots Protect You From?

So, why would a worker need to wear PPE boots? Feet are a tough part of the body but in some ways they are also vulnerable too.

Toes can be broken if a heavy weight is dropped on them, and simply because they are in contact with the ground, feet are at risk of damage from anything which may lie there. Nails, splinters of wood, uneven floors and liquid spills are all dangerous  to feet. Safety boots can protect feet from all these risks and more.

With features such as reinforced toe caps, mid-sole protection, ankle supports and high lacing designs, safety boots lower the wearer’s risk of injury by raising the level of protection for their feet.

How Much Do Safety Boots Cost?

As you might expect, some safety boots can be pricy. They don’t have to be, though, as boots from the Tuf range start at £18. These look just like hiking boots, but have additional safety features including a pierce resistant midsole and anti-static sole. Safety wellingtons are even cheaper, from £13. For brand names in the field, such as Caterpillar or Dr Martens, buyers can expect to pay several times that amount.

How much PPE boots are depends on the number of safety features required – for instance the industry favoured Cat Pneumatic safety boots have specialist insoles, moisture wicking lining, water resistant outer, anti static soles, heat resistance, rubber toe protector and stainless steel midsole, among other features.

How To Wear Safety Boots

Safety boots can be worn for all appropriate work situations where feet would need added protection. They are sometimes a bit heavier than regular boots so might be uncomfortable to wear for leisure activities, however they could easily be worn in the garden or when working on DIY projects.

To the casual observer, these boots look no different to regular fashion boots, though. Many employers will make wearing safety boots a mandatory requirement in any area of active construction or moving and handling work.

PPE Safety boots are a necessary part of personal protective equipment. These days, they may look much the same as regular boots, but carry important safety modifications for effective protection for wearers.

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