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The Importance of Eye Protection

Eye protection is necessary in many industries where eyes may be exposed to bright light, small particles of debris, or to heat and torch glare.

Not only do safety glasses protect the eyes, but their usage is necessary as part of government regulations in specific industries. In some instances the employer may be required to provide eye protection, though the worker may seek to find their favourite brands to ensure proper size and fit.

Safety glasses are extremely affordable, so if the worker is tired of using someone else’s sweaty and scratchy safety glasses at work, they may wish to purchase their own.

It’s important to always wear eye protection when required, even if you think there is no reason to, or if you think you are skilled enough at your job to not need it.

Many times you may think the work shop is safe, only to encounter a coworker who may have resumed a project. You also never know when an accident may happen. They can happen to even the most careful industry worker. It’s best to protect the eyes, then if something goes wrong, injuries will be minimal.

Small metal objects and fragments may fly through the air at the most unexpected of times. Eye injuries can be serious. Not only can it be difficult to remove small slivers from the eyes, but it can leave permanent scarring that can affect your vision. This may also affect your ability to work and the loss of wages. Heat and glare from blow torches and welding can also burn the corneas of the eyes.

One good brand of safety glasses is the Jaguar safety spectacles brand.

These glasses come in two different styles on our website. There are the black anti-glare safety spectacles that look similar to sunglasses in the front, but then have the lenses that wrap around to the sides.

This protects eyes from front and the sides. These glasses protect the wearer from the glare of welding, as well as small fragments. These glasses are suitable for environments where the lighting is consistent. They are of a modern design, for people who care how they look, even while on the job site. The lenses in these safety glasses are made from a scratch-resistant plastic. The lenses are made from a poly-carbonate material.

We also sell the Keep Safe Jaguar safety spectacles that come in a yellow lens.

The yellow protects against the glare of the welding equipment. It also serves a dual purpose for the worker who often has to move between light and dark working environments.

The welder doesn’t have to worry about removing their Jaguar safety glasses before walking into a light or darker part of the work shop. The lenses in these glasses are also made from a polycarbonate material.

The yellow safety glasses are also resistant to scratches with their anti-scratch resistant lenses. These glasses also wrap around the side of the eyes to protect each side.

No matter which style you chose, ensure your protected onsite with your protective safety glasses. 

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