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Laboratory equipment doesn’t come cheap.

There’s nothing much that can be done about that, microscopes and centrifuges are specialist items and come with a price tag to match.

Where lab owners can save, though, is on the cost of cleanroom-spec lab supplies.

Aston Pharma’s range of wholesale laboratory equipment includes cleanroom sprays, wipes and swabs, fluorinated containers and autoclaves, so whether your laboratory team is involved in medical testing or scientific research, they will have all the appropriate equipment and be able to save the organisation money too.

These days, research is becoming ever more important. Breakthroughs in medical or scientific research are reported around the world, while scientists work hard to find ways to control the spread of viruses or manage common diseases.

Many hospitals have a laboratory block for sample testing which handles not only those samples provided by inpatients, but also swabs and samples from the local doctors’ surgeries and clinical trials.

Work on these can then lead to breakthroughs in arresting the spread of disease both in hospital and outside in the wider community. The more laboratories like these can save on wholesale laboratory equipment, the more funds there will be to spend on research. This in turn potentially means more staff, bigger projects, a higher profile, and therefore more publicity.

Buying cheap lab equipment in the UK does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality. We stock Contec’s range, which includes specialist irradiated H2O2 sporicide, various types of wipes and Constix sealed foam or polyester swabs.

All of these products conform to strict cleanroom hygiene standards and can safely be used in any research or laboratory facility. We also stock a selection of fluorinated containers for safe storage of chemicals and solvents as well as modern autoclaves which have a built in internal data logger and thermal printer to record the cycle data.

As a laboratory owner or manager, ordering lab supplies need not mean spending half your annual budget at a glance.

We may not be the oldest company around, but we have been trading successfully for 10 years at a time when research budgets have been slashed in line with many other financial austerity measures.

There are still some new research facilities being opened, however, often backed by big pharmaceutical companies and in association with hospitals looking to expand their research reach. Even for these companies, which traditionally make a healthy profit, the availability of cheap laboratory equipment in the UK is a plus point for setting up research hubs here.

Aston Pharma offers free delivery for orders over £75, so it is easy to keep stocks at a reasonable level whilst also watching the pennies.

So why not give Aston Pharma a try? Our customer service team will be happy to hear from you, and once you open an account, your Account Manager will offer personalised advice tailored to you requirements for all your lab supplies.

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