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In many industries a worker is required to wear work gloves to protect their hands.

The reasons for wearing gloves can be numerous, but they are basically to protect hands from sharp objects, particles, abrasives, and chemicals.

Often it may be government regulations that require the use of workers’ gloves, even though they may not always understand why they need to wear them. Businesses may hate the idea of having an added expense for their business, but the alternatives can be devastating. In order to conform to regulations, and workers’ insurance, their use is mandatory. It can also prevent lawsuits from happening.

The Aston Pharma website has a variety of protective Polyco work gloves to suit nearly every type of working situation. There are gloves for electricians, anti-syringe gloves, insulated gloves, mechanic’s gloves, disposable gloves, anti-vibration, cut resistant, flocked nitrile gloves, and more.

One popular type of gloves for workers is the Polyco Mad Grip gloves. These gloves come in a red and black design. The cloth part of the glove is made from flexible red material, white the black portions are made from a special easy-grip rubber.

The black rubber covers all five fingers, and most of the inner palm of the hand. On the outside of the hand the rubber covers the fingertips, leaving the outer joints of the fingers to bend easily, but keeping the knuckles covered.

These gloves are an affordable solution to protecting the hands of workers. The rubber is made from an injection-moulded thermoplastic material. This rubber not only enables a better grip of smaller or slippery objects, but also provides a greater resistance to abrasive materials. The rubber is built with a tread pattern to provide a better grip.

The Mad Grip gloves are also made to be durable. They’re affordable, but re-wearable, not disposable, so each worker can have their own gloves. The gloves are doubly reinforced in the areas which may be more prone to abrasion.

Besides being durable, they’re still flexible. The worker can have 100% finger and hand protection, but still be able to flex and move their fingers and hands in any direction. These gloves are comfortable, and the worker should soon forget that they’re wearing anything on their hands.

The inner liner of the gloves is made from a breathable liner, to prevent the gloves from sweating. The inner liner is also seamless, so the worker won’t get annoyed that there is something inside their gloves. This liner is made from a mixed-source of materials, including cotton, nylon, and spandex.

This brand of gloves rates high among industry workers. They’re available in a wide range of sizes to suit most hand types. They’ll be particularly useful in the mechanics or assembly line businesses.

If you’ve been searching for a Polyco Gloves supplier, welcome to our Aston Pharma website. Here you can find cheap gloves for nearly every type of industry. You can buy in bulk for your industry or business, and save money. 

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