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Respair masks are designed to protect wearers from a variety of airborne pollutants. As with all masks there is a long list of best practice advice with every different model.

PPE is designed to protect, but it can only do so if used correctly. The instructions for use should be closely followed as different tasks require different masks.

Respair masks are disposable, and should be discarded and replaced after a single use. The mask should be fitted and found to be comfortable before entering the hazardous area and retained until after leaving.

If, for any reason, the wearer has to remove the mask before completing the task, they should leave the contaminated area before removal, and a fresh mask should be put on before returning.

This may be necessary if the mask becomes clogged and causes the wearer breathing difficulties, if it becomes damaged, causes the wearer discomfort or if it is otherwise removed from the wearer’s face at any time during use.

Depending on the type of hazard, Respair masks offer different assigned protection factors (APF) and protect against different hazards.

Some will protect the wearer against a wide range of fine toxic dusts, fibres, fumes and mists, others are designed to stop the inhalation of viruses, or be used in a laboratory or pharmaceutical setting.

Ideally, they should be used in well ventilated areas which have a good supply of oxygen and are at no risk from explosives. Likewise the masks should be stored in a dry location out of direct sunlight and away from chemicals or other contaminants.

Respair P3V masks are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries as well as metal manufacturing and construction.

They are lightweight and ergonomic to provide the best possible level of comfort. Each mask is individually packed within the box and comes complete with a copy of the instructions for use.

This type of mask provides protection against solid and liquid particulate matter, including oil-based mists.

Respair P3V masks are usually colour coded with a red or orange filter cover. They are designed to prevent heat build up, keeping breathing cooler and allowing for users to speak to each other whilst wearing them.

Wearing a mask to work is rarely going to be the most comfortable experience going, but it is often a necessity on personal safety grounds.

The risks from not wearing one are much greater than the perceived inconvenience in the short term. Personal protective equipment is designed to protect the wearer, and the range of Respair disposable masks do just that.


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