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In some jobs, in the UK as elsewhere, respiratory masks are a regular item of PPE. Many people working in laboratories, construction and heavy industry are likely to have to wear them when undertaking certain tasks.

Respair disposable respirators are close fitting single use masks which protect against a variety of toxic environments containing solid and liquid particles. There is a wide selection of masks which conform to every level of protection.

They are colour coded to indicate their protection level; P2 respirator masks generally have a yellow filter cover or some other yellow flash to identify them.

A P2 respirator mask offers an APF 10 or NPF 12 level of protection and will protect the wearer against fine toxic dusts, fibres, fumes and mists including oil-based mists.

Each mask comes with an instruction sheet, which should be strictly followed to ensure best protection for the wearer. Of course, masks should be suitable for the task at hand, should be worn only once and should be replaced with a new one if:

  • The filter becomes blocked
  • The filter is damaged
  • The wearer experiences skin irritation
  • The wearer has difficulty breathing
  • The mask is knocked off during use.

Respair disposable respirators are designed to be used in well ventilated areas which have a good supply of oxygen.

They should not be used near potentially explosive devices nor in atmospheres which may contain explosive particles.

In addition, as a general precaution, the range of P2 respirator masks from Respair is not designed to be worn by people with facial hair because a beard does not permit as tight a seal as with clean shaven folk.

Alternative options may lie with loose fitting hoods, helmets and visors, which still offer the desired level of protection but are not face fitted like many masks and respirators.

Respiratory masks should be stored away from direct sunlight, in a dry atmosphere. The storage area should not contain chemicals either.

P2 respirator masks are designed to be used in mining, construction and metalworking. They protect against wood, metal, mineral, chemical and stone dust in addition to welding fumes.

P2 respirator masks are lightweight and contain a multi layered filter. They have adjustable head straps and nose clip for optimum fit.

They offer a medium level of protection against the dusts, particles and fumes mentioned. These respiratory masks still allow users to speak to each other whilst using them, plus they work well with any other items of PPE required, so that they do not restrict vision, for instance.

Respiratory masks in the UK are a necessary part of many roles. By following the manufacturers’ instructions, wearers can ensure they gain maximum protection from these items.


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