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Why Use Safety Trainers?

Safety trainers can protect the feet in hazardous working environments. Steel toe cap trainers or lightweight safety trainers may be a requirement of work in environments where it’s not necessary to wear large safety boots.

If there are bad ground conditions or hazards that may damage the feet it’s important to choose shoes that can protect against these risks. Hazards must be evaluated according to your work station.

It’s best to find the correct shoes for your particular risk, rather than trying to find shoes that protect against all risks.

There are multiple potential hazards on the job site. Toes may be crushed by moving or falling objects. If a worker needs to jump around a lot these constant impacts may pose a risk to the feet.

Stepping on sharp objects or  being around corrosive chemicals can damage footwear. Welding or molten metal could potentially be hazardous. Slippery floors or uneven surfaces may cause footwear to slip. Static electricity and conductor elements may potentially burn the feet.

Varying temperature fluctuations may make feet too hot or too cold. Some of the best safety trainers are steel toe cap trainers, rather than plastic toe caps. Treated steel is more resistant to falling objects.

Safety trainers are sold with certain safety criteria. They’re coded, so you can figure out what types of hazards you need to protect your feet against.    Coding will indicate whether the shoe is built with a steel toed cap and how many kilograms it will protect against.

There will be ratings on puncture resistance. There may be metatarsus protection against shocks and collisions. The shoes electrical characteristics will be coded. They may conduct electricity, or they may resist electrical shocks. Another safety rating may mention if they protect against chain saws.

When purchasing a pair of lightweight safety trainers, ensure that they’re suitable for your working environment. There are many other safety criteria that may be important to consider before purchasing.

Will you be handling chemicals? These could potentially corrode your shoes and irritate your feet. You may need to buy a shoe that has a wide tongue attached to the gusset.

Check and see if the safety shoes will be resistant to any chemicals that you may step on. Slippery floors can also be a hazard. It’s difficult to make all shoes non-skid resistant. Decide whether you need a smooth tread, medium tread, or large tread.

In some environments you may be exposed to molten metal or metal shavings. You may have your feet exposed to harsh changes in climate such as snow and rain. You may need to do a lot of jumping up and down in your boots.

Choose safety trainers that fit your feet well. Avoid shoes that are too narrow or too wide. Be sure your toes have plenty of room to move around in, and that they can’t touch the steel toe.

Safety trainers for men and women will protect your feet in hazardous working environments. Choose the best safety trainers for your feet to ease the worry of injuries in the workplace.

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