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Saving money on healthcare supplies

Many medical establishments are trying to save money at present.

Across the board, money is tight, for the NHS and private care providers alike. A rash of high-profile hospitals have been found wanting in recent inspections, finances are stretched and budgets overrun

Meanwhile, care homes have been closed down or sold off by councils and staffing levels in the medical profession as a whole are at an all-time low.

Fortunately, for those establishments remaining open, there is a solution to the problem of over stretched finances.

Cheap medical equipment suppliers like Aston Pharma provide all of the quality at a lower price. Our range of healthcare supplies includes drapes, sharps bins, infection control kits, surgical instruments, cannulas and more.

Buying wholesale medical supplies is cheap and easy with our free delivery. Order over £150 worth of goods and your healthcare supplies will be with you in a few days, free of charge.

Some medical suppliers have a bad reputation for charging high prices because the items they stock have a limited turnover.

Aston Pharma believes that there is a market for cheap medical supplies in the UK, especially for the basic equipment needed for many procedures. We do our best to bring you quality at quantity with our wholesale medical supplies.

Not only do we have the basics that you need for your regular procedures, but elsewhere on the site you will find our ranges of clinically correct workwear and all the cleaning products you will need to keep your environment at the highest standards.

As an example of our wide choice of healthcare supplies, our range of Delta Med IV cannulas runs from 14g 45mms to 24g 19mms across most of the range with some of the selection offering a greater variety of sizes and gauges. This choice will suit everyone needing an intravenous cannula including newborn babies. Prices start at £25 for a box of 50 and rise to £41 for boxes of 30 for some of the gauges with more specialist uses.

Similarly, our range of drapes has a size and shape for every possible use. Some of the range are adhesive, some sterile.

Others are fenestrated or incise drapes. Our utility drapes are designed as single use, disposable items, while our incise drapes are sterile, adhesive and individually packed.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also supply four different kinds of surgery packs suitable for fine suture work, biopsies, minor surgery and minor operations respectively together with a selection of surgical training kits to allow staff to refine their techniques as part of continuous personal development programs.

Whatever sector of healthcare you work in, Aston Pharma probably stocks the items you need, at a lower price than many competitors. We’re looking forward to hearing from you if you find that’s the case.

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