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Shield Gloves for the Best Hand Protection

There are many choices when purchasing glove protection for industry-specific workers.

Whether they work in a hospital, clinic, lab, food industry, or other type of business where hand protection may be required, they are an essential part of a worker’s protective equipment.

Gloves can also protect the food itself from contaminants, or lab tests can be quality-assured that they will not contain unknown substances that can be transferred from other surfaces.

Shield is a brand made by HPC Healthline. They have a variety of protective products for workers. These include disposable gloves, work gear and disposable wipes. Shield is a popular brand in the UK. Their products have been proven to be reliable, and Shield is a trusted brand.

It’s also a brand that is affordable, and cheap when ordered in bulk from an online store such as Aston Pharma. There are many different choices for a business or healthcare setting when shopping around for disposable gloves. Vast quantities may be needed over the course of a year, and a good price may be a major factor in the decision of where to shop for gloves. Shield gloves provides a solution to many industries needing a large amount of disposable gloves for workers.

Shield latex gloves and Shield disposable vinyl gloves are two popular varieties of gloves in the Shield manufacturer’s gloves line. There are also nitrile gloves for people who are allergic to latex. These gloves are designed to provide light protection to the hands. These gloves are a sheer colorless vinyl material. They conform to European regulations, and have been tested to withstand a specific force.

The Shield vinyl gloves are made for light usage, and for minimal risks in industry or clinic settings. They’re thin enough to offer some touch sensitivity, so that the worker can work effectively. These gloves provide an economical solution to environments that don’t require latex or nitrile gloves.

The vinyl gloves are free of latex, and are also approved to be used in the preparation of food. These gloves are suitable to be used in the cleaning, food, hairdressing, painting, and general purpose industries.

Shield latex gloves are another option offered to protect the hands of workers. These gloves are a bit cheaper than the nitrile option for allergic workers. These gloves come in a box and are easy to pull out as needed. These gloves have each been visually inspected in the factory to ensure that they’re free of holes or minor defects. They have been tested to conform to regulations and to withstand a pressure of six Newtons.

These latex gloves have been made from natural rubber latex. They’re powder-free and disposable. They’re also designed to be comfortable, as often workers will need to wear latex gloves all day long.

Workers who use these gloves will be pleased with the comfort and the right thickness. They’ll provide a good grip, particularly if you need to hold pens, spoons, or eyedroppers with them.

Shop for these affordable gloves and more on the Aston Pharma gloves website today.

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