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Veterinary supplies can be affordable

Many people’s pets are an integral part of their family.

To some, they are their family. Assistance dogs provide vital help to many people who would be unable to live independently without them. Dogs generally offer an opportunity for people of all ages to get out of the house, exercise themselves and their dog and meet new people, even if it is other dog walkers or runners encountered on their daily outings.

Cats, meanwhile, are a comfort to many elderly people living on their own and more than one beloved pet has died of a broken heart shortly after the death of their owner.

So, vets and veterinary surgeries are equally as important for owners whose pets are sick as doctors and hospitals are for ill humans. Like their human equivalents, veterinary supplies can also be expensive.

However, savvy veterinary surgeries can save some money by buying veterinary products at wholesale prices. Just like cost conscious hospitals seeking out a bargain on medical equipment, it’s a matter of knowing where to look for cheap veterinary supplies in the UK.

Here at Aston Pharma we offer the same keen prices on our veterinary supplies as on our medical supplies. So the animals in your care will have the very best facilities, enrichment and food.

Veterinary equipment for operations is also available at low prices, thus saving you money and potentially allowing you to pass those savings on to your clients.

Caring for animals is rarely cheap, and that is especially true when they need specialist care. We aim to provide cheap veterinary supplies to the UK market and so allow our customers to save money.

Aston Pharma’s range covers everything a vet needs to look after an animal to the best of their ability. Of course we stock surgical drapes and anesthesia kits for those all important operations, but also lighting, controlled heating systems, feed and bedding bins and more. So your clients can rest easy knowing that their pet is being cared for using quality items which didn’t cost the earth to buy.

For veterinary operations, we carry a comprehensive range of drapes of various kinds suitable for every type of procedure.

In addition, there are a number of restraints designed to hold the animals still, or in the desired position, during procedures. Our selection of veterinary equipment also includes animal scales, cage liners, capnographs and oximeters.

Our range caters for all sizes of standard small animal treated by a veterinarian – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, among others. For wholesale veterinary supplies at low prices, look no further than Aston Pharma.

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