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Vinyl Gloves Best Choice for the Allergic

Vinyl gloves provide hand and surface protection for light industries. Latex gloves are more suited for clinical and lab settings where pathogens can be transferred from surface to surface, whereas for industries that only require minimal hand protection, vinyl gloves can be a cheaper alternative.

Vinyl gloves are suitable for food and service workers. Cosmeticians and hairdressers may need them the application of cosmetic products. They may also be handy for painting so they can keep the hands clean. People who are involved in the making of craft products may wish to wear gloves to prevent contamination and to protect the aesthetics of the product. There may be many more uses for vinyl gloves not listed here.

Vinyl gloves come in many different types. They may be coloured, powered, unpowdered, and have other features. One of the most popular types of gloves is vinyl gloves powder free.

Shield is a popular manufacturer of all types of gloves. They make disposable gloves for light and medium types of industry. They provide an affordable alternative, as often a vast quantity of gloves may be needed in these types of businesses.

Just like with other types of gloves, these vinyl gloves must conform to regulations and are tested for pressure resistance. They can withstand up to 9 Mpa. They are visually inspected for any holes or minor defects. These vinyl powder-free gloves are also tested to meet food approval ratings, so that food workers may use them in the production of food. They are not powdered, as that can affect the food quality.

These vinyl gloves are made from PVC plastisol material. They can be pulled out to a distance of 300% of their width or length.

Since these vinyl gloves are made from PVC plastisol material they are free of latex, making these vinyl gloves allergy-free. Latex is a known allergen for many people. Workers who are allergic to latex must do their best to avoid this material. Latex is also not approved for the production of food due to potential allergic reactions of customers.

There are also other types of vinyl gloves available for sale. You can purchase sterile vinyl gloves with extra-stretch. There are also synthetic-polymer powder-free disposable gloves.

Powdered and powder-free are two vinyl gloves choices depending on what you’re using them for. There are vinyl gloves of varying thicknesses, depending on how much protection you need for your hands. There are also the Clean Grip disposable gloves if you need some extra grip in your hands. All of these gloves come in a variety of sizes and prices so they should meet the needs of most of your workers.

Vinyl is truly an all-purpose but affordable solution to when a business needs to purchase vast quantities of disposable gloves. If you’ve been searching for an affordable gloves source, visit the Aston Pharma website where you can find hundreds of options of affordable vinyl gloves. 

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