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Best Waterproof Work Boots

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Why buy waterproof work boots?

As I write this, winter is coming. It’s colder, darker and wetter than it has been for a few months.

This is the time of the year when people find out that their favourite footwear has worn out and it leaks. If that favourite footwear just happens to be their waterproof safety boots, which are no longer fully waterproof, Aston Pharma can help.

Our safety wellingtons start at £13, but if you want something that your staff can wear to work as well as at work, then our waterproof range starts from £45 for the Tuf Premium waterproof safety boots with midsole.

Of course, you might be asking ‘Why should I lay out £45 a pair for specialist waterproof work boots for my staff?’. Well, from personal experience, non-waterproof work boots cause wet feet and sopping socks.

That’s miserable, and in any case, for many people wet and chilly feet lead to cold and sore muscles, achy joints and sore or blistered feet.

If you expect your staff to be on their feet in the elements all day, no matter whether it’s wet or dry, they will thank you for spending out on good footwear for them. A pair of good quality boots is an investment in your staff morale and productivity as much as it is in their welfare and feelings of being valued.

At the top end of the price tag for waterproof safety boots available in the UK from Aston Pharma, the name which crops up most often in best waterproof safety boots reviews is Caterpillar. The Diagnostic range may be £85 but you are paying for proven quality with these boots. They tend to be a wider fit than some varieties, which is a plus point for many.

DeWalt also scores highly, especially among scaffolders and building trades. The Challenger and Apprentice collections (naturally stocked at Aston Pharma) are among the most popular ranges for these guys, while our range of high-end Dr Martens safety boots will appeal to those staff who are brand conscious

Given that I wore DMs on site for a few years, I can confirm that they are waterproof safety boots worth the price tag. I still have my pair, over 10 years later, and I’m still wearing them regularly, even if not every day. No signs of them disintegrating yet, either.

A pair of waterproof work boots or safety boots should be treated as an outlay for a staff member’s wellbeing.

By all means start off with a cheaper pair, while they work their probation, and then, as they pass appraisals, offer a pair of higher value replacement boots as necessary when they request one. A comfortable staff member is often happier than their colleagues and if their regulation waterproof safety boots fit well, that’s a start.

Properly fitting and suitable footwear for staff is an important part of your responsibility and their job. With Aston Pharma, you can be sure that both safety and brand consciousness requirements can be met.

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