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Rigger Boots At Wholesale Prices

Rigger boots are a divisive subject these days.

Rigger boots once ubiquitous, found on every construction site and oil rig in the UK, they are now just as likely to be worn as a fashion item by young and old.

Despite their steel toecaps, rigger boots can sometimes have very little ankle support, and for this reason have been banned on safety grounds from many construction sites. But they have been embraced by the fashion scene, with black rigger boots seen as an alternative to Dr Martens in some circles.

In order to negate the bad publicity about rigger boots’ lack of ankle support, several manufacturers now offer Rigger boots with additional built in support. It makes sense, especially as doctors complain that many people are wearing footwear with little or no ankle support, running the risk of injuring themselves as a result.

Indeed, Dr Martens makes branded women's safety boots too. These modern rigger boots still have the leather outer, fur lining, steel toecap and pull on loops, but they are made with the benefit of Dr Martens’ years of knowledge.

These days, waterproof rigger boots are also available. Manufacturers such as Stanley Ashland, JCB and Hyena Nevis make fully waterproof brown or black rigger boots.

Leather is wonderfully comfortable for human feet, but it is not fully naturally waterproof when we wear it. Here at Aston Pharma we sell all sorts of Rigger boots including waterproof Rigger boots.

 Women’s rigger boots have been a fashion item for as long as females could ‘borrow’ their partner’s work boots. With the growth of females in traditionally male industries, most major manufacturers now offer boots made on a ladies’ last, so at least they fit correctly.

Of course, there are always females who want to wear guys’ clothes, usually because the fit suits their figure or the feel suits their mindset.

 Uggs are currently the boot of choice for many women, but for Goths and punks who prefer a softer boot, riggers are the only way to go. Dr Martens’ lace up boots is wonderfully iconic, but sometimes, a simple pull on boot is easier.

They make amazing winter slippers or hard soled garden wear and are top of the list for boots to wear for walking the dog where wellies just aren’t suitable.

Talking of price, cheap rigger boots are out there. Some companies will pay for their staff to have safety footwear. Others prefer that their staff buy their own, so the price is as important as the features in that case.

Cheap rigger boots start around £20 and are rarely more than £50. If you prefer quality over price we have many different safety boots for you to choose from. Usually, the cost will depend on the use for the boot.

Walking the dog may be an excuse for a cheap and stylish boot, while actual site wear may call for something more expensive.

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