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Timberland Safety Boots At Wholesale Prices

Timberland Safety Work Boots are the Best

Timberland boots are recognised worldwide as a brand which combines functionality with fashion. Timberland’s safety boots are versatile and equally at home dealing with rain, ice, a dusty warehouse or the factory floor.

Timberland safety boots are often ranked highly in ‘best of’ lists, especially Timberland’s PRO range, where the Pit Boss collection leads the field in many listings. Some people prefer other brands, but that may be down to personal preference or their line of work.

 The advantage of specialist Timberland safety boots is that they are widely available in the UK, not only through their own site but also the big name specialist retailers such as Aston Pharma who deliver in the UK.

 Many High Street retailers also have a selection of Timberland boots, but potential customers might have to ask to see whether the ranges in-store are as wide as those on our website.

Safety boots are often a personal choice, so long as they fit the role in question. Timberland safety boots have a good reputation when it comes to grip.

They also have a name for being comfortable. Which, given that the company is also famous for hiking boots, is to be expected?

 So if your job requires grippy boots, say if you are required to climb up and down ladders for any reason, you may find a pair of Timberlands is the best bet. Steel toe cap boots are a requirement in many industries, and if you are offered a choice of approved styles, it may be best to do your research and see which brand you prefer before purchasing.

Timberland steel toe cap safety boots are available in traditional shades of tan, brown and black. Some companies have produced coloured boots to appeal to women working in the safety and construction industries, but there is a far wider range available in the darker shades.

They are lighter weight than many boots, even with the steel toe caps, and for that reason alone, many people on their feet for hours at a time prefer them.

Cheap Timberland safety boots are available from around £50 here at Aston Pharma, so they’re not as cheap as some, but these are hard wearing, long lasting and supremely comfortable work boots which will suit wearers well across many different scenarios, whether work or leisure.

Timberland has been developing boots under that name since the 1970s. 40 years of experience is not to be sniffed at when choosing quality footwear which will last.

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