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Choosing Work Boots for Men

work boots for men

Which work boots should I choose?

Work boots for men are often quite literally a sore subject.

Buy the wrong size or type and your feet will hurt for days. Some boots will need ‘breaking in’, wearing until they are comfortable.

Then you will find they are the most comfortable boots you have ever worn. Others, no matter how hard you try, will remain uncomfortable from the first day you wear them to the day you finally trade them in for a new pair.

Aston Pharma’s team,hope we have struck a balance between cheap work boots and comfortable work boots. We stock a full range of safety boots, safety shoes and safety trainers designed to suit every task and every workplace.

We stock rigger-style boots, chukkas, and work boots for men in the foundry or on the welding floor, even bright yellow wellingtons for extra visibility. Big brand names like Dr Martens and Timberland also make safety boots, and these are available as work boots for men in the UK alongside ranges from Goliath and Tuf.

Prices start from £18 for a pair of Tuf chukka safety boots, although there are cheaper wellington boots available. So if you’re looking for cheap work boots for men for a short term job or as a reserve pair, you won’t need to break the bank to buy them.

Safety shoes and safety trainers are also available, with prices starting from £25 for a pair of basic Tuf safety shoes and £35 for a pair of Tuf safety trainers. The type of footwear you will need will depend on the environment it will be used in, with standard safety work boots being generally suited to all mainstream uses including construction work.

Metal-free and composite work boots are lighter, while safety shoes can be worn by warehouse or shop stockroom workers and healthcare teams. They are also the best choice for office workers who occasionally need to go to higher risk locations. Safety trainers offer the same level of protection but with a more casual look.

Rigger boots provide good protection against cement dust and other irritants which might enter lower cut safety boots and shoes, but they are not universally popular because they do not always provide a suitable level of ankle support.

In some areas specialist hazard safety boots will be required, as they will have been designed to offer protection against specific risks such as hot metal or cold store chill. Special work boots for men exist for those working in high fire risk areas and where there is a risk from injury from heavy objects or chemical exposure.

If you feel you need more information, there are online resources available to allow you to compare and contrast the range of cheap work boots and allow you to buy men’s work boots of the correct type and specification for your needs.

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