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GelDiet Transport

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GELDIET Transport is a complete nutritional solution that can
be used to both diet and hydrate animals using a single product.
Product Objective
GELDIET Transport is composed of 59.2 % water and of proteins, slow carbohydrates (starch), lipids, vitamins and minerals, to provide animals with their main nutrients during transport or a stressful situation such as a post-operatory period.
GELDIET Transport can be distributed provisionally (2 to 7 days) to animals in a stressful situation or a recovery phase as a complement to granulated diets.
Directions for use
Distribution period:
1 day before the transport phase for acclimatization, then throughout transport.
72 hours for animals weakened by protocol conditions; replenishment varies depending on cage type (particularly cage ventilation).
GELDIET Transport can be distributed
Placed directly on the cage floor, in the open package,
Removed from the packaging and placed directly in the cage dieting dish, or on the cage floor.
Photo indicative only

Quantity consumed per day: 10-15 g / day for mice, 40-50 g / day for rats. Daily consumption depends on species and strain.
Distribution method: ad libitum or rationing depending on experimental protocols. Standard diet (e.g. A04 or A03 granules) can be kept within animals’ reach.
The product in its closed, original packaging can be stored for 6 months in a dark area at room temperature. Can be stored at 4°C.
After opening, the product can be kept for 5 days maximum.
About this Product
Solid paste with 59.2% water content, packaged in individual, protectively sealed tubs. Irradiated at 10 kiloGrays.
100 g tub, sold in packs of 60. The tubs are grouped in quantities of 30 in a hermetically sealed envelope.
Nutritional Composition
Calorie content (kcal/kg) 1,300
Water 59.2%
Proteins 8.5%
Lipids 1.6%
Carbohydrates 21.5%
Fibre 1.5%
Water, sugars, casein, maltodextrin, cellulose, lard, vitamin, minerals, hydrocolloids, preservatives.


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GelDiet Transport
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SAFE Diets

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